Contrary to popular belief, a "Hacker" is not actually someone who illegally breaks into someone else's computer. A "Hacker" is namely someone who enjoys computers.

"Someone who illegally breaks into someone else's computer":

This is called a "Cracker"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using a Secure Browser

Using a secure web browser is important, well all want to be safe especially on the internet. For most of my life I have been using the basic "Blue 'e' ". Internet Explorer however, has become one of the lesser browsers. It's slow and doesn't offer very many features. Then comes Google's prestigious Chrome the (so called and yet to be proven wrong) fastest browser ever. Then there's Mozilla's Firefox, now for it ability to be customized. With hundred of extensions for this browser you can be almost invisible on the internet. You can block trackers, destroy those annoying cookies, and have some fun while you're at at it. If you're looking for a secure browser Firefox is best way to go.

(Check out the Links and Resources page for a link to Mozilla's site)

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